Day: April 7, 2020

The World Needs These Minnesota Companies To Fight Coronavirus

The World Needs These Minnesota Companies To Fight Coronavirus

TWIN CITIES, MN — In his State of the State address Sunday evening, Gov. Tim Walz gave a shout out to the Minnesota companies that have become extremely important globally as all nations response to the new coronavirus crisis.

“Minnesotans won’t just prepare for COVID-19—we will lead,” Walz said. “The brilliant minds and hard work of Minnesotans will help lead the world’s response to this crisis.”

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The governor highlighted the following companies:

Maplewood-based 3M is manufacturing millions of N95 face masks a month. The masks are a vital piece of personal protective equipment — PPE — that helps keep medical professionals and others from being infected with the COVID-19 virus.

Minnetonka-based Medtronic has release the designs of its ventilators to the public

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This At-Home Pushups Routine Builds Chest Muscle With No Gear

This At-Home Pushups Routine Builds Chest Muscle With No Gear

Young man performing press ups on kettlebells in gym

Corey JenkinsGetty Images

The bench press is great. The cable crossover machine is awesome. And dumbbells are a guaranteed chest pump. But even if you can’t access any of that gear, you can still blast your chest aggressively, building strength and stimulating growth.

Why? Because you can still do pushups. And the classic pushup remains one of the best ways to hit your chest, period. You’re attacking your chest from an angle that’s very similar to the one you’d hit on a standard bench press, and while you’re working with a lighter load than you might use on a bench, you still get to produce a ton of total-body tension. You also get to focus on getting a good chest contraction (more on that later).

The pushup can also create even more challenge once you start introducing a handful of variations, and those variations can easily become the backbone

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India faces spike in coronavirus cases, says study, in test for health system

Experts urge smokers and tobacco firms to quit for COVID-19

LONDON, April 6 (Reuters) – Health experts on Monday urged smokers to quit and cigarette companies to stop producing and selling tobacco products to help reduce the risks from COVID-19.

“The best thing the tobacco industry can do to fight COVID-19 is to immediately stop producing, marketing and selling tobacco,” Gan Quan, a public health specialist and a director at the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, said in a statement.

The group, which links international respiratory and lung specialists, officials and health agencies, said it is “deeply concerned” about COVID-19’s impact on the world’s 1.3 billion smokers, in particular those in poorer countries whose health systems are already overburdened.

Smoking is known to weaken the immune system, making it less able to respond effectively to infections. Smokers may also already have lung disease or reduced lung capacity which would greatly increase the risk of serious illness.

Quan said

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Ireland's prime minister to work as doctor amid coronavirus pandemic

Ireland’s prime minister to work as doctor amid coronavirus pandemic

Ireland’s prime minister plans to work one day a week as a doctor to help amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Leo Varadkar studied medicine and trained to be a doctor at King’s Hospital and Trinity College Dublin. He worked as a doctor for seven years before entering politics, according to Reuters.

In March, Varadkar re-registered as a doctor to practice one day a week with Ireland’s Health Service Executive, his office confirmed in a statement to USA TODAY.

“Many of his family and friends are working in the health service. He wanted to help out even in a small way,” the statement said.

Varadkar’s father was a doctor and mother a nurse. According to the Irish Times, his partner, sisters and their husbands all work for the country’s health services, too.

The prime minister will help with phone appointments, the Times reported. People in Ireland who believe they may have COVID-19,

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Peloton Cancels April Live Classes

Peloton Cancels April Live Classes

Peloton (NASDAQ: PTON) canceled live classes Monday, and the BBC reports that the move came after one of its New York employees tested positive for coronavirus.

Users of the company’s exercise bikes can purchase a monthly subscription to access both livestreamed and recorded classes.

Peloton has suspended production in its New York and London studios until April 30, the company said in a statement. 

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The company had continued to operate its New York and London studios in adherence with local government and public health guidance, Peloton told the BBC. 

“That said, we have decided to pause production of all live classes … in the interim, we will continue to monitor the situation as it evolves.” 

Peloton shares were trading up 0.75% at $28.96 at the time of publication 

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Trump uses coronavirus crisis to push his broader agenda

Trump uses coronavirus crisis to push his broader agenda

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is taking an old political adage to heart: Never let a crisis go to waste.

The coronavirus is projected to kill more than 100,000 Americans. It has effectively shuttered the economy, torpedoed the stock market and rewritten the rules of what used to be called normal life.

But in this moment of upheaval, Trump and his advisers haven’t lost sight of the opportunity to advance his agenda.

A look at some of the president’s notable moves:


Trump has called on Congress to revive the tax deduction for business-related expenses on meals and entertainment, arguing it would help bolster high-end restaurants hammered by the outbreak.

Trump’s own tax law in 2017 sliced the tax rate for corporations from 35% to 21% and eliminated the deduction.

“This is a great time to bring it back,” Trump said of the resurrecting

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Coronavirus: New York's a ghost town, I'm making a 'mixtape' to cope

Coronavirus: New York’s a ghost town, I’m making a ‘mixtape’ to cope

  • I’m trapped in “the greatest city in the world,” which has become a place of profound dread and sadness because of the coronavirus.
  • Music has been my salvation.
  • When I hear St. Vincent sing “New York isn’t New York without you, love,” I imagine that like a bad breakup, the pain of this moment will fade and eventually become a formative chapter in my life. 
  • It’s inspired me to retreat to a pastime I’ve used since high school: creating an epic “mixtape” that would serve as a therapeutic time capsule. 
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The coronavirus pandemic has done what not even 9/11 or Hurricane Sandy did. It has brought the city that never sleeps to an absolute standstill for weeks that will almost certainly turn into months. 

Many New Yorkers, like myself, were

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A Pull-Up Bar Can Do More Than You Think

A Pull-Up Bar Can Do More Than You Think

The coronavirus pandemic has forced to get creative with at-home workouts. And while there’s nothing wrong with trying some new push-up variations on your bedroom floor or following along with a cardio routine on your phone while trying not to tick off the neighbors below, we’ve found ourselves craving a workout that makes us feel like were a the gym.

Enter the easy-to-install pull-up bar, the kind that leverages a door frame. Blessedly, it seems to be one of the few pieces of home gym equipment that isn’t sold out everywhere.

Yes4All Doorway Pull Up Bar with Multiple Foam Grips

$20.00, Amazon


Yes, having a bar mounted anywhere semi-public in your place gives off a real Taxi Driver vibe. But you’re not exactly throwing dinner parties at the moment, and luckily the bar slips on and off fairly easily once you’re able to have guests over again.


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Coronavirus interrupted our lives. Now it's invading our dreams.

Coronavirus interrupted our lives. Now it’s invading our dreams.

In the age of coronavirus, dreams have taken on new meaning.

The imaginings are vivid, often strange, sometimes terrifying. Long dead grandparents. Bob Dylan doling out psychic medicine. The dinosaurs reborn. 

Experts say dreams are a way for people to understand themselves. Their main function is to process emotions, which for many people have been more intense during the pandemic. People’s waking lives are fraught – fear, uncertainty and helplessness pervade the day. Those same emotions make respite at night elusive.  

“In our lives … we’re only consciously aware of about 2% of what’s going on around us and the other 98%, most of that is emotional, and we use our dreams as a way of understanding those emotions,” said Ian Wallace, a psychologist who specializes in dreams. “In a situation like this pandemic, where emotions are heightened, people’s awareness of their dreams are also heightened and these dreams might

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5 Top Stocks to Buy With the $1,200 Coronavirus Stimulus Check

5 Top Stocks to Buy With the $1,200 Coronavirus Stimulus Check

President Trump has signed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, or CARES Act, and has initiated a $2-trillion stimulus package, the largest relief bill in the history of America. And part of the package is the one-time $1,200 cash payments that Americans will receive, provided they qualify.


Needless to say, an extra $1,200 from the federal government is always welcome and it’s widely expected that such stimulus checks will start to arrive around the middle of April. The IRS and Treasury Department, by the way, said that nine out of 10 Americans may qualify for the stimulus checks, which will eventually ease the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic.


Obviously, the money is required to make ends meet in such trying times. But for those who have already set up emergency funds to tackle the pandemic, the stimulus check will provide extra cash which can be used in

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