Day: May 9, 2020

COVID-19 Is Traumatizing All of Us. How Will We Cope After It’s Over?

COVID-19 Is Traumatizing All of Us. How Will We Cope After It’s Over?

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When dealing with a viral pandemic, the focus tends to be on preventing and treating the physical illness — and rightfully so. But as we’ve learned over the past two months, the psychological and emotional impact of the COVID-19 outbreak can also be debilitating. Fortunately, we’re in a better place now than we were even six weeks ago, coming to terms with the idea that some of our exhaustion stems from moral fatigue, and identifying feelings of loss and sadness brought on by the pandemic as grief. Though it can be overwhelming to try to conceive of what life might be like once this is all over — and bear in mind that we’re still nowhere near being out of the woods — there is value in considering how this public health crisis will impact us collectively as a society. It may

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Female gondoliers in Venice deliver food to elderly

Female gondoliers in Venice deliver food to elderly

During the coronavirus lockdown in Italy, getting groceries has been especially difficult for the elderly. So volunteers in Venice found a solution that couldn’t be more Venetian.

A team of all women rowers from Row Venice is using gondolas to deliver organic food to locals. Farmers from around the lagoon help load the orders into the boats.

Giulia Tagliapietra, a competitive rower, said she and the others were stuck at home, unable to train for the racing season during the lockdown.

“It’s a bit difficult, so now we do this like twice or three times a week, and it also helps us because we can go out and breathe and row,” Tagliapietra told CBS News foreign correspondent Chris Livesay.

Venice saw the worst flooding in a generation this past fall. As it was struggling to recover, COVID-19 struck, decimating tourism, the city’s main industry, and forcing the elderly to shelter

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'It's a big yes' - Man Utd boss Solskjaer excited by prospect of Pogba & Bruno Fernandes midfield partnership

‘It’s a big yes’ – Man Utd boss Solskjaer excited by prospect of Pogba & Bruno Fernandes midfield partnership

Paul Pogba is raring to make his Manchester United return and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is confident that he can strike up a good partnership with Bruno Fernandes.

The France international has missed the majority of the campaign with various injury issues so has yet to link up with January signing Fernandes, with United manager Solskjaer excited about the prospect of the pair playing together.

“Good players can always play together, so definitely, they can – it’s a big yes,” Solskjaer told Sky Sports . “I think it’s exciting. We do have an exciting squad. I’ve got Scott [McTominay], Fred, Nemanja [Matic].

“There’s many games coming up and I’m sure we can find a good connection between them. We’ve been discussing that as a coaching team of course, and we’re looking forward to it.”

If and when football returns to resume the 2019-20 season, United should be boosted by the return

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Veteran Deputy Dies Of Coronavirus Amid Leukemia Treatment

Veteran Deputy Dies Of Coronavirus Amid Leukemia Treatment

CHICAGO — A 25-year deputy at the Cook County Sheriff’s Office died Sunday from complications of COVID-19. His family believes he contracted the virus while working out of the Skokie Courthouse, and the sheriff’s office considers his death to be in the line of duty.

Richard O’Brien, 53, a resident of Burlington, Wisconsin, made the hourlong commute south to Skokie for most of his quarter-century career in law enforcement. Before that, the Twin Lakes native worked as a trucker, according to his brother-in-law, Jeff Stewart.

“It’s just not fair,” Stewart said Monday. “Had COVID-19 not been around, Rich would be here. He would have been here today to celebrate his daughter’s 22nd birthday.” Instead, O’Brien’s daughter’s birthday was marked last weekend with a video call and songs to his hospital room, where he lay unconscious after nearly three weeks on a ventilator.

O’Brien’s most recent assignment with the sheriff’s office

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Supreme, Barbour And Streetwear's New Heritage Obsession

Supreme, Barbour And Streetwear’s New Heritage Obsession

supreme barbour lead

Barbour / Supreme / Noah / Aime Leon Dore / Palace / Pringle / Solovair

By the time you read this sentence, spring’s biggest (and perhaps its unlikeliest) collaboration will have already sold out.

Featuring a series of waxed cotton field jackets in orange, black and leopard print, along with crusher hats, camp caps and side bags, Supreme x Barbour has been the talk of the town (Instagram comments) since it was announced last week. The general consensus being: it looks good, combined with a sense of low-level surprise, all artfully modelled by skater, designer, artist and former Palace pin-up Blondey McCoy in a campaign shot by Japanese photographer Jiro Konamai. But… Barbour? Collaborating with Supreme?

Despite the supposed discord of two such brands working together, Barbour x Supreme is just another example of the cool and queue-oriented world of taciturn streetwear looking to archival brands with proud heritages. Many

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The New York metro area accounts for roughly 1/6 of the U.S. total. (Graphic: David Foster/Yahoo Finance)

Gilead’s breakthrough coronavirus drug sparks concerns over how much it’ll cost

With Gilead Science’s (GILD) anti-coronavirus drug now available for hospitalized patients and getting emergency use approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Friday, expectations for related treatments are growing.

Yet exactly what those treatments will cost — for both health insurers and out-of-pocket for patients— remains to be seen. The subject of drug prices has been a political hot potato for years, and the COVID-19 crisis is putting new pressure on big pharma to contain price inflation related to potential treatments and vaccines.

The price question is set to take on increasing prominence as new trials show effectiveness, and officials hint at green-lighting more to contain fatalities. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and a White House coronavirus task force member, said Gilead’s success has opened the door for similar treatments.

Roche (RHHBY), which has been one of the top testing providers

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Alex Rodriguez Joins Stony Brook Surgeon's Zoom Happy Hour

Alex Rodriguez Joins Stony Brook Surgeon’s Zoom Happy Hour

STONY BROOK, NY — Stony Brook Medicine surgery residents on the front lines of the new coronavirus got a big surprise when former Major League Baseball star and New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez crashed their Zoom happy hour call last Friday. “A-Rod” uplifted the spirits of the Stony Brook University Hospital doctors after receiving a request from Dr. Anish Shah, a surgery resident who was redeployed and assigned to a COVID-19 intensive care unit.

Rodriguez was asked to share words of encouragement with the team of over two dozen Stony Brook Medicine Surgery residents.

“I think you’ll have a great opportunity coming out of this very challenging time with this pandemic,” Rodriguez said. “I think the ones that are going to win big out of this are the ones who continue to invest into themselves, whether that’s through your mind or through your body. The world’s going to be different

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Halle Berry Only Works Out For 20 Minutes Sometimes

Halle Berry Only Works Out For 20 Minutes Sometimes

  • Two of Halle Berry’s four weekly workouts are just 20 minutes long.
  • She maximizes her time by circuit training and combining full-body strength exercises with cardio.
  • She uses exercise equipment like ankle weights and wrist weights to increase the intensity of bodyweight moves.

    Before quarantine turned my day to day upside down, I worked out with my trainer, Peter Lee Thomas, at least four times per week.

    How long we got our sweat on, though, varied based on my schedule. Some days, we trained together for close to 90 minutes. (Full disclosure: We chit chat a lot during breaks and between moves). But half the time our sweat sessions were just 20 minutes long.

    “A 20-minute workout can totally knock you on your butt.”

    Sure, it doesn’t seem like a lot, but every minute I can put into being healthy is 100 percent worth it to me—no matter how

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    Highland Park Patch Honors Graduating Seniors In Class Of 2020

    Highland Park Patch Honors Graduating Seniors In Class Of 2020

    HIGHLAND PARK, IL — Patch is sharing the achievements of local high school graduates by putting them in the spotlight this month. Due to the coronavirus, in-person classroom teaching and extracurricular gatherings have been canceled for the rest of the 2019-2020 school year in Illinois.

    We know these wonderful seniors are missing out on some of the last moments of the school year and we hope to give the community a way to share their pride in our class of 2020 high school graduates.

    Here is the first group graduating high school seniors we’re featuring from the historic class of 2020:

    Izzy Levy, Highland Park High School

    Levy, a competitive dancer, plans to attend University of South Florida and major in criminology, according to her family.

    Message from family: “Izzy you continue to make Us proud every day! Everything is possible for you. Keep smiling, keep dancing and always know

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    People need people, but it's risky to resume social activities so soon

    People need people, but it’s risky to resume social activities so soon

    For 20 years I have advocated for leisure services as a professor and licensed mental health counselor. Now I feel a duty to warn as COVID-19 continues to spread and Republican governors are opening up the leisure industry, including shopping malls, bowling alleys and fitness centers. When I compare the costs and benefits of this type of entertainment, I think of Neil Postman’s 1985 book, “Amusing Ourselves to Death.”

    I am glad I do not live in Georgia right now, where deaths and COVID-19 cases are rising and now people can go to the movie theaters and get their toenails painted. These are leisure policies against medical science. They rest on positive illusions with narcissistic features and forgetfulness about suffering and death in New York and Italy.

    Leisure is often based on care for another (such as taking someone you care about out to eat), care of self (working out

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