You Can Watch OreyBujjiga Movie On AHA

You Can Watch OreyBujjiga Movie On AHA

Are you someone who is in love with some of the best full movies online? Are you willing to laugh till your fill and enjoy romantic comedy movies at your convenience? If that is the case, you should watch OreyBujjiga on one of the largest Telugu movies streaming application AHA. This movie is fantastic in its way because it not only makes you laugh genuinely but also has a very sweet touch to it. It is completely family-oriented, and you can watch it with your family on one of these warm afternoons. However, you will find many other similar movies if you download the AHA app. You can watch these movies on any device at any time of the day at your convenience. So without further ado, let’s get to know about the cast crew and story of OreyBujjiga.

The film OreyBujjiga is a Telugu romantic comedy released in 2020 on various movie streaming applications like AHA. This film was directed and written by Vijay Kumar Konda, and K. K. Radha Mohan produced it. Anup Rubens provided the romantic music of the film, L. Andrew provided the cinematography, and PravinPudi did the film’s editing. There were several celebrated actors in the film like Raj Tarun as Srinivas alias Bujji, Malavika Nair as Krishnaveni alias Swathi, Hebah Patel as Srujana, Posani Krishna Murali as Koteswara Rao, Vani Viswanath as Chamundeshwari, Naresh as Krishnaveni’s father, Saptagiri as Saptagiri, Anish Kuruvilla as Project Manager, Annapoorna as Krishnaveni’s grandmother, Madhunandan as Srinivas’s friend and many more. You will be able to more amazing Telugu comedy movies online on the largest Telugu OTT platform AHA.

The film’s story is first set in the town of Nidadavolu in West Godavari district, which is situated in Andhra Pradesh. The second set is Hyderabad, and the love story happens between the town and the city. Krishnaveni and Shrinivas alias Bujji both elope to Hyderabad, however, separately. They run away from home because both of their parents are setting up a match for them to get settled down in life, and both of them do not agree to this decision taken by the elders. Although they do not know each other, the circumstances they face at this period are the same, which is one reason why the entire village considers them an eloped couple.

When Krishnaveni comes to know about this gossip in her hometown, she curses this unknown man named Srinivas and starts hating him; however, she also meets him as Bujji. For Bujji, it was love at first sight. However, Krishnaveni also starts liking Bujji and eventually falls in love with him, unknown that Bujji is Shrinivas himself. What happens when Shrinivas gets to know that Krishnaveni is the same girl he is being gossiped with.Watch OreyBujjiga movie online at one of the largest Telugu movies. AHA. So download the application today to watch the film.


The Haunted Homes – A Real or Fantasy

Haunted houses are a favourite subject. People have wondered if really the stories that they hear are really correct. Experience demonstrates that demons are as real as the air we breathe. One thing you should keep in mind is that homes are not haunted by ghosts, because the dead do not return. The dead do not return, what you see or hear about in haunted houses are in reality demons/devils! Demons do not die.

Scariest haunted house in Ohio

There are indications of God and manifestations by Lucifer. These are just two supernatural powers and only a hairs-breath gap between their surface appearances. Due to their closeness in look, lots of folks are deceived. God talks to people and the devil talks to individuals also. Christ recognized Lucifer when he talked; He recognized each demon. Like Jesus, we will need to understand our enemy and the manners of his operation.

At the Garden of Eden, Eve was approached and tricked by a serpent. That serpent was among those creatures of God which He said was very good. However, the devil entered it without altering its look. The devil also retained everything that makes him the devil, but he took hold of the serpent to accomplish his evil ambition. That identical manner he transforms into someone you know, using his/her physical look to get you down. He disturbs you by using the soul of a deceased relation or friend.

What you know now as haunted houses are the outcomes of satanic Manipulations and manifestations which occur in the areas he wants to operate. At times Scariest haunted house in Ohio might hear sounds such as hairpins falling in the foot of your bed, these things mostly happen at night, and the ultimate purpose is to frighten, oppress and have you. Some of these happenings are not as straightforward as they are being narrated, but may be so powerful to create one wants to vacate a home in a hurry.

Are you currently being chased by the devils Are you or someone that you understand living in a haunted house Do not fear, what you need is understanding. God let you pass through these items to prepare you for a ministry which would handle the supernatural – God’s supernatural, Lucifer’s supernatural. Hoffman had conducted extensive Interviews with the family, and given a dozen or so examples of paranormal activity that allegedly divides them into leaving. Lots of the examples, however, were surprisingly mild in character: perceptions of “hidden forces”, temperature fluctuations, odd noises and scents, mood changes, episodes of obsessive-compulsive behaviour — unsettling, undoubtedly, but far from extraordinary