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Take a reality check and stay inside

Take a reality check and stay inside

Just over a week ago Daniel Martin (Israel Start-Up Nation) was putting the finishing touches to a huge block of training as he prepared for a stint of racing that would have carried him towards a string of Spring objectives. 

A week on, and Martin is currently sitting in his back yard with his wife and two young daughters as he gets used to life on lockdown in Andorra. He can only leave the house for essential needs such as food and medicine, while bike riding on the roads – his livelihood – is totally out of the question. Such is the life for a pro cyclist while the coronavirus pandemic enforces shutdowns and on communities across the globe. 

Despite feeling disappointment at missing out on races like Catalunya, the Tour of the Basque Country, and the Ardennes Classics, the Irish climber has moved on and realized that cycling pales

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