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UK lockdown begins as govt ramps up coronavirus response

UK lockdown begins as govt ramps up coronavirus response

London (AFP) – Britain on Tuesday said it will open a 4,000-bed field hospital at a London exhibition centre to treat coronavirus cases in the latest measure to tackle the outbreak after the government ordered a nationwide lockdown.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday imposed a three-week lockdown to tackle the outbreak, which has seen 422 deaths and 8,077 cases in Britain.

He urged people to “stay at home” to stop close-contact transmission and ease pressure on the state-run National Health Service, amid concern at current rates of infection.

Non-essential shops and services were told to shut, with unprecedented peacetime restrictions on movement, including a ban on gatherings of more than two people.

In further measures, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the NHS Nightingale Hospital will start running next week at the giant ExCeL venue in the east of the capital.

“The NHS Nightingale Hospital will comprise two wards, each

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India faces spike in coronavirus cases, says study, in test for health system

UK begins trial of HIV medicine, steroid as possible COVID-19 treatments

LONDON (Reuters) – Scientists at Britain’s Oxford University have started a clinical trial to investigate the effects of an HIV medicine and a steroid drug in UK patients admitted to hospital with COVID-19 caused by the new coronavirus.

The first patients have already been enrolled for the trial within the country’s National Health Service, the researchers said on Monday.

It will test AbbVie’s Kaletra – a combination of lopinavir and ritonavir which is normally used to treat the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) that causes AIDS – and the steroid dexamethasone, which is used to reduce inflammation in a wide range of conditions.

The researchers stressed that while it was possible some existing drugs such as these may be beneficial in the fight against COVID-19, there was no guarantee they would be.

In a small-scale trial of just the HIV drug in patients in China with severe COVID-19, scientists found it

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'Deluge' of Cases Begins Hitting Hospitals

‘Deluge’ of Cases Begins Hitting Hospitals

Outside Lenox Hill Hospital, on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, March 14, 2020. (Gabby Jones/The New York Times)
Outside Lenox Hill Hospital, on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, March 14, 2020. (Gabby Jones/The New York Times)

NEW YORK — New York state’s long-feared surge of coronavirus cases has begun, thrusting the medical system toward a crisis point.

In a startlingly quick ascent, officials reported Friday that the state was closing in on 8,000 positive tests, about half the cases in the country. The number was 10 times higher than what was reported earlier in the week.

In the Bronx, doctors at Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center say they have only a few remaining ventilators for patients who need them to breathe. In Brooklyn, doctors at Kings County Hospital Center say they are so low on supplies that they are reusing masks for up to a week, slathering them with hand sanitizer between shifts.

Some of the jump in New York’s cases can be traced to significantly

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