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Peloton Shares Climb With Fitness Buffs Steering Clear of Gyms

Peloton Shares Climb With Fitness Buffs Steering Clear of Gyms

(Bloomberg) — Peloton Interactive Inc. climbed to near all-time highs after Evercore ISI analysts said that gym goers are unlikely to return to in-person fitness routines once economies begin to open.

Shares of the interactive exercise company have rallied 71% this year and are up 170% from their March lows as nationwide stay-at-home orders forced people to alter their work-out routines. In May, the company reported third-quarter revenue jumped 66% and raised its outlook for full-year sales and connected-fitness subscribers.

Early digital data from states including Texas, Georgia, Florida and Ohio that have begun to reopen gyms suggests people remain reluctant to return, even when they are allowed to, according to analysts led by Lee Horowitz. In states where gyms have opened, total unique desktop visits for popular boutique fitness studios such as Barry’s Bootcamp and SoulCycle are down 20% to 50% from pre-Covid-19 levels, they said.

Shares of Peloton

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Premier League return date still not clear, says Brady

Premier League return date still not clear, says Brady

London (AFP) – West Ham chief executive Karren Brady claims the Premier League’s return date is still unclear despite hopes the top-flight season can restart in June.

The Premier League said on Friday that wrapping up the remaining 92 fixtures remains their goal, but the on-going coronavirus crisis means no fixed schedule can be drawn up yet.

Brady’s West Ham were perilously placed in the English top flight when football was suspended, sitting above the relegation zone on only goal difference with nine games remaining.

“Players will have been able to retain some physical fitness at home,” Brady wrote in her column in The Sun on Saturday.

“But if social-distancing rules are still in place, physical match-play training will not be allowed — you can’t tackle from two metres away.

“So, how match-fit will players be if the season commences, as we all hope it will, by mid-June?”

With most

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Clear messages about quarantine are key to success, research finds

Clear messages about quarantine are key to success, research finds

By Kate Kelland

LONDON (Reuters) – Clear and consistent messaging about lockdown measures, why they are needed, and about the practicalities of social distancing such as food and finances, are crucial to their potential for slowing outbreaks of disease, researchers said on Tuesday.

With hundreds of cities worldwide already using isolation and quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic caused by the new coronavirus – and more likely to follow – a study of previous disease outbreaks found that quarantine adherence rates range from 0% to more than 92%, and that clarity is key.

If instructions or language are unclear, then people tend to make up their own rules, the research found, and social pressure from others to comply with quarantine is also important.

“The effectiveness of quarantine depends on how many people do it, so it is important to know what makes people more likely to comply,” said Simon Wessely, a

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The coronavirus pandemic has made Trump's psychiatric issues clear. We should remove him for our own safety

The coronavirus pandemic has made Trump’s psychiatric issues clear. We should remove him for our own safety

We knew this presidency would be deadly. We were not exaggerating when, three years ago, we put together the public-service book, The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President. We meant in part that the president would be dangerous to civic life, to democracy, and to the nation’s mental health — but we also meant that he would endanger lives.

Politics did not concern us. We are health professionals. Everything falls secondary to life and death, including politics.

After we got together to write the book, hundreds, and later thousands, more mental health professionals gathered from all over the country and the world with their shared concerns. Together we formed first the National Coalition, and then the World Mental Health Coalition, to organize around our goal of societal safety.

Through consultation with Congress members, letters, petitions, and education of the public, we tried

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