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Colombians scramble to get ready for coronavirus quarantine

By Nelson Bocanegra

BOGOTA, March 24 (Reuters) – Thousands of Colombians were rushing to return to their home cities on Tuesday while others hurried to banks, supermarkets and other shops before the late-night start of a mandatory 19-day national quarantine meant to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Distressed travelers who were trapped in capital Bogota during an obligatory isolation drill over the long weekend were unsuccessfully looking for seats on buses out of the city so they could spend the quarantine at home.

“I’m scared because I need to get home,” said Fernando Lopez, 50-year-old disabled man who traveled to Bogota from his home in Palmira for a medical appointment. “I don’t know anyone, what will happen to me if we can’t travel? My family is waiting for me.”

The quarantine will run until April 13. So far the country has reported 306 cases of the disease and three deaths.

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