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The best new films to rent and stream on demand now

The best new films to rent and stream on demand now

For movie lovers, that we took cinemas for granted while they were open has provided one of our greatest pains. Especially given that films have provided some of our greatest escapes amid the coronavirus pandemic.

New movies are still being released, however, albeit on smaller screens, and often made with far smaller budgets than many of the films postponed by the mass closure of cinemas.

Covid-19 has rewritten many of the rules we had become used to. While blockbusters including Black Widow, A Quiet Place Part II, No Time to Die and Wonder Woman 1984 have all been moved to dates later in the 2020 calendar, a drip feed of new filmmaking is arriving on a variety of platforms every week.

In the past few days, this has included recent hits such as The Invisible Man and Emma, both of which have been released for rental months

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How much do retirement homes cost?

Target withdraws forecasts, curbs spending to meet virus-related demand

By Aishwarya Venugopal

March 25 (Reuters) – Target Corp on Wednesday withdrew its financial outlook and said it would scale back on planned investments to focus on meeting surging demand as Americans stock up on essentials and stay home to slow the spread of the coronavirus outbreak.

The big-box retailer said it now plans to remodel only about 130 stores in 2020, down from 300, moving the rest of the projects to 2021. Target added it would open fewer small format stores than it had previously planned.

“It’s become very clear that we need to be disciplined about making sure our stores and supply chain is focused on serving our guests without any unnecessary distractions,” Chief Executive Officer Brian Cornell said.

“We’ll need to prioritize the flow of food, medicine and other essentials for the foreseeable future.”

In the past few weeks, consumers have been flocking to stores to load

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Coronavirus drives up demand - and pay

Coronavirus drives up demand – and pay

By Deena Beasley

(Reuters) – U.S. hospitals, bracing for a surge of coronavirus patients just as some staff are under quarantine after being exposed to the virus, are facing a shortage of temporary nurses who can fill in – and being asked to pay as much as double to make it worth it. So-called “travel nurses” total around 50,000 – or less than one percent of the nursing workforce – which represents an increase in recent years as the U.S. population ages, demand increases and workers seek more flexible employment options.

With the coronavirus outbreak escalating every day, the need for temporary nurses is growing exponentially throughout the United States.

But an “unprecedented number” are backing out of assignments because they do not want to travel in the midst of the crisis, said Alan Braynin, chief executive at staffing firm Aya Healthcare.

As staffing agencies have raised pay demands for

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Army joins the production line as ventilator makers scramble to meet demand

Army joins the production line as ventilator makers scramble to meet demand

By John Miller and and Elvira Pollina

ZURICH (Reuters) – On March 6, Gianluca Preziosa, the head of an Italian ventilator maker, received an urgent request. The Italian authorities wanted his help for an all-out effort to meet a desperate need for ventilators.

Now, his Bologna-based company, Siare Engineering International Group s.r.l., has 25 army technicians working with its production supervisors to manage the expanded production and help assemble machines. The army also has made personnel available to the company’s suppliers, Preziosa said.

“Usually we produce 160 machines a month. The goal is to produce 2,000 in four months, so more than triple our monthly production,” Preziosa told Reuters in an interview. The executive added that companies involved in the supply chain of producing ventilators “cannot respond to the enormous demand because this is a niche industry.”

Siare belongs to a normally quiet corner of the medical equipment market that

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