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Drivers to be given MOT exemption

Drivers to be given MOT exemption

Motorists will be granted an MOT exemption to allow people to continue with essential travel during the coronavirus pandemic, the Department for Transport (DfT) has announced.

Vehicle owners will be given a six-month exemption, which will allow them to carry on travelling to work in cases where working from home is impossible, or shop for essentials.

All cars, vans and motorcycles which usually would need an MOT test will be exempted from needing a test from 30 March.

However, the DfT has warned that vehicles must still be kept in a roadworthy condition, and drivers can be prosecuted if they are found to be driving unsafe vehicles. 

The new legislation will be introduced on 30 March and will come into immediate effect for 12 months, following a short consultation with key organisations.

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Drivers who need an MOT

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