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The world faces a 'rolling cycle of lockdowns' unless it can unite, warns leading Sage scientist

The world faces a ‘rolling cycle of lockdowns’ unless it can unite, warns leading Sage scientist

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The UK and other rich countries must reject a “short sighted” approach to coronavirus vaccine development or they risk being caught in a “rolling cycle of lockdowns” and restrictions on travel and trade, a member of the government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies  (Sage) has warned.

Writing in the Telegraph, Sir Jeremy Farrar, director of Wellcome, says that when world leaders come together for this week’s World Health Assembly – the decision-making body of the World Health Organisation – they must hammer out a deal that ensures all countries in the world have equal access to any eventual vaccine.

Sir Jeremy said: “Governments, industry and philanthropy must prioritise the long-term and pool their resources, to ensure everyone benefits from a vaccine. 

“A fragmented approach will not succeed in an interconnected world. It will only prolong the current situation, leading to a rolling cycle

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Trailblazing German soccer restart faces numerous risks

Trailblazing German soccer restart faces numerous risks

DUSSELDORF, Germany (AP) — When the German Bundesliga restarts on May 16 in empty stadiums, it will blaze a trail for other leagues shut down by the coronavirus.

The English Premier League, Serie A and La Liga will all be watching closely as the German competition faces risk factors which could lead to more disruption or another shutdown.

The German league says its plans minimize the risk from the virus. However, it’s aware it needs to remain alert to finish the season in June as planned.

”Every game day is a chance to prove that we deserve the next game day,” league CEO Christian Seifert said on Thursday.


The German restart plan is built around regular coronavirus testing for players and staff, with more than 20,000 samples needed just to finish the season in the top two divisions.

Twelve people, among them players and staff, have tested positive since

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U-turn as leaders tell public to cover their faces

U-turn as leaders tell public to cover their faces

Paris (AFP) – Having told their populations that wearing masks was all but useless against the coronavirus, several Western countries have performed dramatic U-turns in the last few days.

The rapid rethink as the number of deaths has rocketed has stirred anger and confusion, with some accusing their leaders of lying to them.

The most spectacular about-turn has been in the United States where President Donald Trump on Friday urged all Americans to wear a mask when they leave home.

With America accused of gazumping and even “piracy” by Berlin to procure masks, Trump later said he would probably not wear one himself — although his wife Melania tweeted that everyone should.

While mask wearing has been widespread in Asia since the beginning of the epidemic, the World Health Organization (WHO) and numerous governments have insisted that they should only be worn by carers.

This stance was seen as way

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The historic US hospital that fought cholera and Aids faces battle of its life

The historic US hospital that fought cholera and Aids faces battle of its life

<span>Photograph: Angus Mordant/Bloomberg via Getty Images</span>
Photograph: Angus Mordant/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Frontline medical workers at one of New York’s best resourced and most prestigious public hospitals have warned the facility is in critical need of nursing staff, protective equipment, ventilators and medicines to cope with the rising number of coronavirus cases in New York City.

Staff at Bellevue hospital in Manhattan, the oldest public hospital in the US, have been warned not to speak to the media, except with explicit approval. But medical workers told the Guardian on condition of anonymity that they were concerned about what would happen as cases continue to rise.

Related: ‘It’s what was happening in Italy’: the hospital at the center of New York’s Covid-19 crisis

“We are heading towards a situation where we will run out of ventilators,” said one doctor at the hospital working on the Covid-19 response. “I hope that this surge isn’t as bad as we

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Alicia Bligen, RN, works in a cardiac ICU in central New Jersey. On top of concerns about catching the coronavirus, she's also worried about a shortage of the medicine she takes to function. (Photo: Alicia Bligen)

ICU nurse with lupus faces shortage of medicine and coronavirus protective gear

It’s a trying time to be a healthcare worker in America. But for Alicia Bligen, a nurse with lupus who works in a cardiac intensive care unit in New Jersey, it’s uniquely perilous. In a state with more than 13,000 cases of the coronavirus, Bligen has two separate but equal concerns — and both revolve around supplies.

For one, she’s concerned about the lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) at her hospital, especially as a person with an autoimmune disease (meaning she’s more at risk of serious infection). On top of it — in the wake of the Food and Drug Administration approving the drug hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) for treatment of COVID-19 — she’s concerned about a potential shortage of the medicine she takes to function.

Bligen was diagnosed in about 2014 with lupus, an autoimmune disorder in which the body attacks its own tissues, causing symptoms such as severe joint

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India faces spike in coronavirus cases, says study, in test for health system

India faces spike in coronavirus cases, says study, in test for health system

* For graphic click on: https://reut.rs/33CtScj https://reut.rs/33CtScj%22,%22

By Devjyot Ghoshal

NEW DELHI, March 23 (Reuters) – India could face between around 100,000 and 1.3 million confirmed cases of the disease caused by the new coronavirus by mid-May if it continues to spread at its current pace, according to a team of scientists based mainly in the United States.

The estimates reinforce concerns among some medical officials and experts in India that the country of 1.4 billion people could see coronavirus cases jump sharply in the coming weeks and put its health system under severe strain.

The scientists said projections could change as the country conducts more testing, while also putting in place stricter restrictions and measures to stem the spread of the virus.

“Even with the best case scenarios, probably, you are in a very painful crisis,” said Bhramar Mukherjee, a professor of biostatistics and epidemiology at the University of

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US faces blood shortage as donation sites shutter

US faces blood shortage as donation sites shutter

<span>Photograph: Karen Ducey/Getty Images</span>
Photograph: Karen Ducey/Getty Images

As the coronavirus outbreak spreads across the US, a dangerous blood shortage threatens to create another public health crisis – with one medical director warning: “This could kill our patients.”

Coronavirus control methods mandate social distancing that has ranged from banning in-person seating in restaurants to closing schools to issuing shelter-in-place orders. Many places where blood donation might take place – such as campuses and libraries – are presently shuttered.

The result has been a disaster for blood donation as the medical sector finds its blood supplies running out.

The American Red Cross said that as of 19 March, more than 5,000 of its blood drives were canceled across the US over coronavirus concerns – resulting in approximately 170,000 fewer donations. More than 80% of donated blood collected from the Red Cross is from drives at places closed for social distancing: workplaces, schools, and college campuses.

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