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Could Breast Milk Hold the Cure to COVID-19? These Researchers Think So

Could Breast Milk Hold the Cure to COVID-19? These Researchers Think So

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On April 4, Dr. Rebecca Powell posted in her mom Facebook groups: “Are you a healthy, lactating person in NYC? You may be eligible to participate in a breast milk research study!” This wasn’t out of the ordinary for Dr. Powell, a human milk immunologist at The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai — and a mother of three — who regularly recruits for studies via “mom” social media. This time however, the stakes were higher: She’s examining COVID-19 antibodies in human milk and whether they can protect against the virus.

The post has now, ironically, gone viral.

“I always get a good response. I never had trouble getting milk for my studies,” Powell tells SheKnows. “But this one took off into a different universe of recruitment…it was really shocking to see my post in lots of places I hadn’t put it

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India faces spike in coronavirus cases, says study, in test for health system

FEATURE-South America’s indigenous people lock down as coronavirus takes hold

By Anastasia Moloney and Fabio Teixeira

BOGOTA/RIO DE JANEIRO, March 23 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – F or decades, indigenous groups from Colombia to Brazil have been fighting the threat to their lives posed by oil exploration, deforestation and illegal logging.

Now, the battle is against the deadly coronavirus outbreak.

Indigenous tribes are locking down and closing off their reserves to visitors as they fear the disease that is fast spreading across South America could wipe them out.

As they have little or no immunity to common outside diseases, “an epidemic can wipe out an entire tribe,” warned Jonathan Mazower, communications director at London-based Survival International, an indigenous rights group.

While, so far, no confirmed coronavirus cases have been reported among indigenous people in South America, Canada’s Navajo Nation has at least 26 confirmed cases in parts of North America, according to the tribe’s newspaper.

Across Latin America and the Caribbean,

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Spanish couple hold wedding from their window to beat coronavirus lockdown

Spanish couple hold wedding from their window to beat coronavirus lockdown

Nearly a year of planning had gone into the day: fresh flowers filled the venue, name cards sat at each of the 190 place settings and the final nips and tucks had been sewn into the bridal gown.

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What Alba Díaz and Daniel Camino hadn’t anticipated, however, was that their wedding would instead be forced into the confines of Spain’s near-total lockdown, with the bride and groom shouting “I do” as they leaned out of their apartment window, neighbours cheering them on.

The improvised ceremony was a bright moment in an otherwise grim week across Spain and around the world. Coronavirus has tightened its grip on Spain, claiming more than 1,000 lives and sending the number of confirmed cases rocketing to nearly 20,000.

Last week, as they watched the number of Spanish cases climb, Díaz and Camino wrestled with the decision of

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