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What Premeds Should Know About Real-Life Medicine vs. Hollywood

The elements of real human drama that are present in medicine — from medical mysteries to sharp-minded professionals to the never-ending fight against illness and death — create a perfect backdrop for an engaging television series. However, in order to move the plot forward, many writers and producers inject a number of implausibilities into their narratives in terms of medical care and professionalism.

While perhaps no article would be long enough to dispel every instance of bad medicine presented by Hollywood, here are three facts about the biggest misconceptions perpetuated by some of the most popular medical dramas. These facts can help future medical school students know what they are getting themselves into:

— You never shock a flatline.

— Medicine is a team sport.

— Hospital relationships should be professional.

Fact 1: You Never Shock a Flatline

There is a scene that occurs in virtually every medical movie or

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Cirkut Chops Price of Hollywood Hills Home

Cirkut Chops Price of Hollywood Hills Home

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Canadian record producer and songwriter Henry Russell Walter, better known as Cirkut, who has worked on popular ditties for huge stars like Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and The Weeknd, has not had the same success selling a celeb-pedigreed Hollywood Hills home. After two years on and off the market, the property is still available at just under $5.5 million, $1 million less than the in-hindsight too rosy initial asking price of nearly $6.5 million — but still substantially above the $4.15 million he paid married actors Ali Larter and Hayes MacArthur for the Nichols Canyon contemporary about four years ago.

Listed with Brandon Williams and Rayni Williams of The Williams & Williams Estates at Hilton & Hyland, the boxy triple-story villa was designed by innovative L.A. architect Brian Murphy to take full advantage of the hillside property’s sweeping cross-canyon views. Sleek, lofty and light-filled

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Recession fears hit Hollywood as work grinds to a halt

Recession fears hit Hollywood as work grinds to a halt

Hollywood stuntman and actor Mike Ferguson had just arrived in San Francisco last week to work on a Western when the cancellations started rolling in.

He watched the news unfold from a hotel room, each day bringing more urgency and more questions. When San Francisco declared a countywide shelter-in-place directive Monday, he had only a few hours to find a flight back to his wife and three daughters in Southern California.

Now, the 48-year-old is self-quarantined in his home for two weeks. He’s one of hundreds of thousands of entertainment industry workers out of a job as productions, releases and live events are canceled or postponed because of the coronavirus outbreak that has already sickened more than 1,000 Californians and more than 230,000 people worldwide as of Friday.

Like so many industries, Hollywood is taking a big hit during the public health crisis. Pilot season, a time when studios rush

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