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Trump Wants the Lockdown to End by Easter. Big Mistake.

(Bloomberg Opinion) — In response to the coronavirus pandemic, many state and local governments have shut down restaurants and other businesses, and some have issued orders for people to stay home. These measures will eventually suppress the virus but come at a huge cost to the economy. Forecasters expect gross domestic product to fall by as much as 30% in the second quarter, a much steeper drop than ever happened during the Great Recession. Jobless claims will be in the millions.

President Donald Trump, seeing these economic costs, has declared that he wants the shutdowns ended by Easter (April 12). In a recent briefing, Trump declared that the U.S. “will be back in business pretty soon,” and that the country “wasn’t built to be shut down.”

A small handful of commentators have expressed similar sentiments. Former Goldman Sachs Chief Executive Officer Lloyd Blankfein has called for many workers to return

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Rupert Murdoch Put His Son in Charge of Fox. It Was a Dangerous Mistake.

Rupert Murdoch Put His Son in Charge of Fox. It Was a Dangerous Mistake.

The chief executive of Fox News, Suzanne Scott, reacted swiftly to the threat of the coronavirus in late February: She ordered the bright, open new offices disinfected, installed hand sanitizer stations around the office and boldly canceled the company’s major ad sales event.

But her influence doesn’t extend to the most important part of Fox News: its programming in prime time.

There, for two crucial weeks in late February and early March, powerful Fox hosts talked about the “real” story of the coronavirus: It was a Democratic- and media-led plot against President Donald Trump. Hosts and guests, speaking to Fox’s predominantly elderly audience, repeatedly played down the threat of what would soon become a deadly pandemic.

The person who could have stopped the flow of misinformation was Scott’s boss, Lachlan Murdoch, the chief executive of the Fox Corp. But he wasn’t paying much attention. The 48-year-old heir to his family’s

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