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Cuba warns virus panic bad for immune system

Cuba warns virus panic bad for immune system

By Sarah Marsh

HAVANA (Reuters) – In the face of global panic over the coronavirus pandemic, Cuba’s Communist government has urged calm, saying stress weakens the immune system, and has taken more time than its Caribbean neighbors to introduce drastic measures as it touts the strength of its health system.

The government has suspended large cultural and sporting events, and on Friday said it would start barring entry to tourists. But so far it has steered clear of ordering workers and students to remain at home.

Cuba is renowned for its preparedness in advance of natural disasters such as epidemics and for its medical prowess. It sends its doctors to health crises around the world, including the Ebola outbreak in West Africa in 2014-2016.

With the world’s highest ratios of physicians to population, according to the World Bank, Cuba has tens of thousands of doctors as well as medicine students

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