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Israel Airlifts Eggs to Prevent Shortages During Passover

(Bloomberg) —

In her WhatsApp group for mothers, Elana Dror is noticing an unusual topic in the morning discussions: where to find eggs.

For the past couple weeks, she and other Israeli shoppers have faced a shortage of eggs in supermarkets across the country, thanks to a combination of hoarding and a difficulty importing from key suppliers Italy and Spain, where the coronavirus pandemic is hitting particularly hard. 

So Israel is launching emergency egg airlifts and expediting shipments to get in enough supply before Wednesday night’s start to the Jewish holiday of Passover.

“It’s very difficult to find eggs,” said Dror, chief economist for Israel’s Farmers Association. “Whenever I go to the store now, if I see eggs, I’ll buy.”

Eggs are popular symbols at Easter gatherings among Christians this time of year, and they’re also important in the Jewish faith. Passover typically begins with a large family meal, featuring

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Don’t come here for Passover

Don’t come here for Passover

Dozens of leaders in the Orthodox Jewish community in Florida along with a group of medical professionals signed a “warning letter” to their communities late last week. The message: Don’t travel to Florida for Passover next month and risk spreading the novel coronavirus.

“To all those from out of state considering spending Pesach here in Florida: It’s Halachically prohibited and medically irresponsible to come for Pesach,” the letter begins.

In other words, the letter suggests, traveling for Passover would be a breach of Jewish religious law. Passover this year runs from April 8 to 16.

“We have a Halachic requirement to keep our communities safe,” the letter says. “If you choose to come anyways, jeopardizing the lives of many in Florida, you must quarantine for 14 days.”

The letter was first published Thursday by the website COLlive.

The message is signed by Orthodox rabbis across South and Central Florida. That

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