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Fair Warning – Another Leg Down Is Likely

Power of Precision Medicine Could be Fueled Here

This article was originally published on ETFTrends.com.

The ARK Genomic Revolution Multi-Sector Fund (CBOE: ARKG) is establishing a reputation for being one of the best-performing healthcare ETFs, a legacy forged over its multi-year lifespan, not just a few weeks.

One of the driving forces behind ARKG’s enviable long-term track records its the manager’s ability to identify disruptive forces in the healthcare and genomics arenas. The intersection of precision medicine and genomics could be the next growth frontier for ARKG investors.

“Increasingly, clinicians are tailoring treatments to a patient’s specific genetic mutations,” said ARK analyst Simon Barnett in a recent note. “While the number of precision therapies targeting these mutations has grown, only recently have costs dropped to a low enough level that physicians can sequence an individual’s genomic profile and identify his or her mutations.”

Precision Potency

ARKG includes companies that merge healthcare with technology and capitalize on the revolution

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Can a power ballad change the world? The astonishing true story behind The Scorpions' Wind of Change

Can a power ballad change the world? The astonishing true story behind The Scorpions’ Wind of Change

In June 1994, Klaus Meine received a knock on the door of his Memphis hotel room from a CIA agent. With his band the Scorpions in town to play a concert at the Mud Island Amphitheater, the singer was asked to whistle the opening bars of the Hanoverian quintet’s biggest hit, Wind Of Change. Bemused but obliging, Meine complied; satisfied, the visitor bid him a good day without crossing the threshold of his room. 

This puzzling but minor incident is the kind of detail with which the Orwell Prize-winning journalist Patrick Radden Keefe runs riot on his Podcast series Wind Of Change. The culmination of a decade’s rumination, this consistently engaging eight-episode series has as its starting point a second-hand revelation from an intelligence service ‘greybeard’ that the Scorpions’ multi-platinum worldwide mega-smash was in fact written by the Central Intelligence Agency. 

The thing is, it might as well have been.

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Successful testing shows that knowledge is power in the Covid-19 fight

Successful testing shows that knowledge is power in the Covid-19 fight

SIR – My daughter, a police officer, depends on a childminder to care for her two children, who are both under three. Last week, the childminder’s teenage daughter had symptoms consistent with, and diagnosed by telephone as, coronavirus, and the family was duly instructed to isolate for two weeks. They were, however, able to book key-worker tests online, which were carried out on Monday. The results came back on Tuesday and were negative for coronavirus.

As a consequence, my grandsons can go back to the childminder, my daughter can go to work and the childminder’s daughter has been diagnosed with a different medical problem. The availability of bookable tests is indeed a positive step.

Patricia Pringle
Newick, East Sussex

SIR – Crossing fingers has been used to avoid ill fortune for centuries and almost certainly does no harm. I’m not aware of any robust evidence that surgical masks help to

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Conor Coady Wolves 2018-19

‘It’s all power work on his legs’

Wolves captain Conor Coady has lifted the lid on how team-mate Adama Traore maintains his remarkable level of speed and strength, while also praising the winger for his improvement this season.

Traore has caught the eye in the Premier League for Aston Villa, Middlesbrough and Wolves for his remarkable pace and willingness to run with the ball but his end product was often sorely lacking.

However, the powerful forward had established himself as one of the most dangerous attacking forces in English football with an impressive 2019-20 campaign before it was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Coady praised the former Barcelona academy player for working hard on his game this season, while also revealing just how Traore manages to keep up his remarkable fitness.

He told Sky Sports: “He could’ve played NFL, he got offered when he was younger. He doesn’t do any gym on his arms or

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India faces spike in coronavirus cases, says study, in test for health system

Hilaria Baldwin Prefers Yoga Pants To Power Suits

Hilaria Baldwin is a fitness and lifestyle influencer with 744K followers on Instagram, and she hustled to get where she is today. The former actress co-founded Yoga Vida in the West Village shortly after she graduated from New York University, and turned it into a highly successful yoga studio. Now, the mom of three gets candid on her podcast, Mom Brain, and inspires women around the world. Here’s what makes her feel powerful…

I feel most powerful when…

“I’m being authentic and using my voice.”

Power to me means…

“Accepting who I am, accepting that life is a process, accepting that I might not have the answers. But I’m living my process, and eventually the answers come.”

What do you do when you feel powerless?

“I talk about whatever is vexing me. I’m Little Miss Fix-It, I want to address what’s going on even if it’s very painful. I find

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These four hit songs are perfect for your at-home power yoga routine

These four hit songs are perfect for your at-home power yoga routine

These four songs are the perfect additions to your power yoga playlist. Power yoga is an intense, fitness-based version of vinyasa yoga, a form of the practice known for its seamless flow from one pose to the next. Music can play an important role in getting you in the right mindset for a yoga workout, according to certified yoga instructor Karen Kassover. 

“If you play a very strong song, the poses become stronger. If you play a relaxing song at the end, it helps you relax. The music really helps the practice,” Kassover told Shape. 

Spanish singer Rosalia’s “Di mi nombre,” is an alt-flamenco pop hit which peaked at No. 1 on Spain’s music charts. The song is medium tempo while simultaneously upbeat. This is a great combination for power yoga, which flows quicker than traditional forms with yogis transitioning from each pose in just a few breathes. 

Next up,

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With great power comes great irresponsibility.

With great power comes great irresponsibility.

The president’s job is to uphold the Constitution and to see that the laws are faithfully executed. It is the job of this president, as he sees it, to say he’s doing a wonderful job.

President Trump has responded to the coronavirus outbreak by (among other things) promising it would go away by itself, playing golf, blaming China, blaming the media, blaming Democrats, lying about it, attempting to bribe Germany’s vaccine industry and saying he’s responding to it perfectly.

Asked to grade his response on a scale of one to 10, Trump gave it a 10. Keep in mind, he once compared himself to “a supermodel, except, like, times 10.” His 10 is most people’s 0.01.

Two years ago, Trump graded his presidency. “I give myself an A+,” he said. “The only thing I’m doing bad in is the press doesn’t cover me fairly.”

This week, he said the same

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