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Inside a psychiatric hospital amid COVID-19 outbreak

Inside a psychiatric hospital amid COVID-19 outbreak

It’s not unusual to hear patients screaming and crying at Western State Hospital, workers say. But lately, they say it’s been worse than normal at the massive psychiatric facility just south of Tacoma, Washington.

Since COVID-19 hit the hospital a month ago, its Victorian-era buildings have felt “eerie” and “strange,” according to workers.

The art room is empty, group therapy is canceled and patients eat alone in the cafeteria. A skeleton staff cares for more than 700 patients battling illnesses that range from schizophrenia to suicidal depression. Older patients are not so much quarantined as stranded, unwilling or unable to get up from their hard plastic beds without help, workers say. Other, younger patients are free to roam the halls with no masks.

Thirty-four patients and staffers have tested positive at Western State since the outbreak began, and one patient has died. The hospital says conditions have improved, with few

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The coronavirus pandemic has made Trump's psychiatric issues clear. We should remove him for our own safety

The coronavirus pandemic has made Trump’s psychiatric issues clear. We should remove him for our own safety

We knew this presidency would be deadly. We were not exaggerating when, three years ago, we put together the public-service book, The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President. We meant in part that the president would be dangerous to civic life, to democracy, and to the nation’s mental health — but we also meant that he would endanger lives.

Politics did not concern us. We are health professionals. Everything falls secondary to life and death, including politics.

After we got together to write the book, hundreds, and later thousands, more mental health professionals gathered from all over the country and the world with their shared concerns. Together we formed first the National Coalition, and then the World Mental Health Coalition, to organize around our goal of societal safety.

Through consultation with Congress members, letters, petitions, and education of the public, we tried

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